Sponsorship Alignment: Sponsorship Criteria That Matters

Sponsorship criteria is important to justify alignment

Sponsorship alignment is all about applicable criteria aligning between a brands’ marketing needs and what a sponsorship property provides. While sponsorships don’t need to impact every piece of criteria, they should align across a number of the criteria points, including:

Target audience

The most important criteria in a sponsorship is the audience being impacted. What every brand is looking for ranges, but may include gender, age, household income, occupation or even a mindset. Without an aligned target audience, a sponsorship shouldn’t be a consideration.


It’s important that a sponsorship provides reach to applicable target audiences, but also important to that is the depth of the reach. From number of attendees to social reach to email subscribers to media reach, objectives should drive the importance of the reach and the value of engagement versus scale.


Going alongside reach, each sponsorship property provides a different geographical impact. From local to regional to national to global and everything in-between, often key geographies should align for sponsorship to be considered.


While reach is important, for brands looking to drive equity transfer between the sponsored property and their brand, cache can be an important criteria.


Sponsorship properties have certain assets and ongoing programs. Certain sponsorship properties are willing to create assets and programs for the right sponsor. Others don’t have the available inventory. If objectives drive the need for certain assets or types of assets, understanding availability upfront can be important.

Category Exclusivity

If a competitor is already involved with the property (irrespective of exclusivity or not), there may not be enough synergy to be involved. While often a premium must be paid for exclusivity, part of sponsorship’s benefit is the potential to have exclusivity unlike traditional media.

Sponsorships must check multiple boxes for true alignment, but these sponsorship criteria elements are important to open up the conversations for further sponsorship opportunity exploration.